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  Letters From Santa

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas


Santa can no longer accept orders this season as he has reached his quota.  Please do not place an order for a Christmas letter after December 1, 2016, unless you have talked with Santa first.  
E-mail [email protected] to find out if there's time for us to write a few more letters.

Don't Forget, you can always order an "After Christmas Letter" from Santa.

Thank you & Merry Christmas!

So Just Who Is Helping Santa Write All His Letters?

*here's a hint, she's a sassy Sicilian who

absolutely LOVES Christmas & Kiddos

    It all began as a creative outlet for my love of writing twelve years ago. Trying to come up with unique and fun  Christmas gifts for my friends' children, I decided to send each of them a very personalized letter from Santa.  I wrote 18 letters that year and as they say, the rest is history.

So here I am now, twelve years later, still writing letters to children from Santa Claus and loving every minute of it.  I truly get just as much enjoyment from writing the letters as the children din receiving them.   

Regardless if this is your first year ordering a letter from Santa or your 12th year, no two letters will ever be the same.  Yes, I really do keep a copy of every letter I've written to a child from Santa.  My office morphs into Santa's Village South from September to December as the letter writing begins and with it, my imagination takes off, thinking up exciting and often comical happenings that take place at the North Pole.


What Will My Letter Include?

  • A very personalized letter from Santa Claus, filled with details about what your kiddo has been up to, their accomplishments during the past year, any mischievous they may have gotten into - Santa has been know to persuade even the most hard-headed little one to go to bed on time and put their toys away.  The more information you provide, the more personalized your child's letter will be.
  •  Each Christmas letter arrives in an envelope addressed to your child with the seal from the North Pole Postal Palace.  Santa also includes the page number that their name is located on in his Naughty/Nice Book.
  •  A Naughty or Nice Certificate (parent's choice), with your child's name.  Each certificate is signed by Santa and one of the reindeer.

What's New For 2016?

  • Each year I choose one local home and have the "Elves" deliver your child's letter in person.  This year, you can purchase this service instead of having the letter mailed.  This service is only offered in Alabama and rates vary depending on location. 

Santa's Surprise

Each year I choose a local child whose parent has ordered a letter and I deliver their letter personally. Well, the elves do. I never tell the child or the parent(s) that I am going to do this - that way everyone is surprised. If I know the family, I get grandmas, aunts, cousins or uncles involved to help keep the child and the parents in the dark. I'm not sure words will do justice to describe the excitement of doing this each year.  

One year, we drove to the home of a sweet little girl in the town I live in and set everything up in the front yard. Yes, I go a little over the top, but that's just me - and the entire time I'm planning this, I'm trying to do it as if I was the child discovering that the elves and two reindeer were just in my front yard in Santa's sleigh delivering a letter that Santa had written just for me.  Once the scene is set - the path with little colored lights that leads to where the letter was left, snow on the ground, and little gifts along the path with tiny notes attached from the Elves leading to the letter - one of us rings the doorbell and then we go and hide. This is the best part, watching the child open the door and discover that a little bit of the North Pole is in his or her front yard. Last year, the mom told me that after her daughter discovered her letter she said, "mom, this was the best day of my life". I am touched and honored to have been a small part of her Christmas memories.